Christmas Greetings from the Presidents (Hardcover)

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Christmas Greetings from the Presidents takes a comforting, nostalgic look back in time to when Americans viewed the annual Christmas message to the nation as the embodiment of a national spirit of unity and goodwill through both the best of times and the darkest days of national trials. The book, the first of its kind by a national publisher, chronicles presidential Christmas messages from the inception of this tradition in 1927 with Calvin Coolidge to President Obama. It provides the historical context of the era, rarely-seen archival photographs that offer us a window into the history unfolding at the time, and a sidebar "Did you Know" feature with trivia that often shines a new light on the personality of the president as he responds to unplanned Christmas-time events.
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ISBN: 9781629722207
ISBN-10: 1629722200
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Publication Date: September 27th, 2016
Pages: 96
Language: English