July 2016

Not Otherwise Specified

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Not Otherwise Specified Cover Image
ISBN: 9781481405959
Availability: Available at Warehouse
Published: Simon Pulse - March 3rd, 2015

Etta is tired of not fitting in - not gay enough for her lesbian friends, not sick enough to be officially anorexic, not tiny enough to be a competitive ballerina. But things change when she meets Bianca, a girl in her therapy group with a serious vocal gift and a Broadway dream. Etta's is a fierce and unapologetic voice, telling a story about passion, dedication, and staying true to yourself.


Show and Prove

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Show and Prove Cover Image
ISBN: 9780375847073
Availability: Available at Warehouse
Published: Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers - July 14th, 2015

South Bronx, 1983. Smiles and Nike have big plans for their summer, but those plans start to change when new girl Sara becomes the head counselor at their camp. A story of hip-hop, urban life in the 80s, and friendships that change and endure.


Sea Change

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Sea Change: A Toon Graphic Cover Image
By Frank Viva (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781935179924
Availability: Available at Warehouse
Published: Toon Graphics - May 24th, 2016

Eliot is pretty sure his uncle’s house in Canada is the worst place to spend the summer, especially since he isn’t much of a swimmer. Early mornings on a fishing boat, gathering maggots for bait, a local bully....it’s not idyllic. But there’s more to Point Aconi than Eliot imagined, and slowly, the place begins to work it’s magic on him. So plunge into this book and prepare yourself for a story that will leave you emotionally pummeled yet refreshed- just like a good day in the sea.


Rocks Fall Everyone Dies

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Rocks Fall Everyone Dies Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525428688
Availability: Available at Warehouse
Published: Kathy Dawson Books - June 7th, 2016

One of the most unique books I've read this year, Stars Hollow meets Twin Peaks in this magical novel about toxic masculinity, choice and consequence, a town in the shadow of a volatile cliff and the family that protects them by stealing emotions from the townspeople. The voice jumps off the page and the magic is transportive. Read this or we are no longer friends.


Just One Damned Thing after Another

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Just One Damned Thing After Another: The Chronicles of St. Mary's Book One Cover Image
ISBN: 9781597808682
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Night Shade Books - June 7th, 2016

The first in a new series of the Chronicles of St Mary. I could dismiss this as "Connie Willis lite" but it's such wild engaging fun that the comparison doesn't matter.  A time traveling adventure full of mad brave historians, some romance and a few laughs thrown in; it deserves to be a huge hit and your new addiction.

Sequel coming soon.


Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon

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Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon Cover Image
ISBN: 9780812993349
Availability: It's Complicated--Contact Us for More Info
Published: Random House - July 5th, 2016

With access to many key figures and documents as well as members of the Kennedy family, Larry Tye has brilliantly captured the complex personality of one of the most charismatic public figures of the 1960’s. Tye explores the seeming contradictions in Kennedy’s life, a man who first came to Washington as an ardent anti-communist staffer for McCarthy and who became a generation’s best hope for creating a more just, more compassionate, more peaceful world.


City of Blades

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City of Blades (Divine Cities #2) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780553419719
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Broadway Books - January 26th, 2016

General Turyin Mulaghesh wants nothing more than a quiet retirement, but her superiors have other plans. Tasked with finding a missing secret agent in a crumbling ex-divine city, Mulaghesh is quickly entangled in local politics, a bloody insurgency, and the faintest whisper of the goddess of death. This magnificent sequel to City of Stairs stands excellently on its own, but will not disappoint readers of the first installment.


How to Set a Fire and Why

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How to Set a Fire and Why Cover Image
ISBN: 9781101870570
Availability: Available at Warehouse
Published: Pantheon Books - July 5th, 2016

Lucia is your new favorite character. Her father is dead, her mother is catatonic, her aunt is just barely scraping by, and she is far too smart for her own damn good. A sharp wit, an aversion to bullshit, and completely confident in herself, she is the person we wish we were as teenagers. Though Lucia is a teenager, she sometimes breaks through the adolescent doldrums to reach profoundly human insights and images. Perfect for the weird kids.  


The History of White People

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The History of White People Cover Image
ISBN: 9780393339741
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: W. W. Norton & Company - April 18th, 2011

A wide-ranging look at how whiteness has been defined throughout history, from the marble statues of ancient Greece and Rome (back in the day, they were colorful) to how "Caucasian" became part of the language (you can thank Ottoman harems for that).



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