Kevin Guilfoile, Cast of Shadows

"[This] is a spectacularly original, hair-raising novel about the fate of a little boy brought into the world to solve a crime. Relentlessly gripping, profoundly unsettling, and visionary, it introduces a major new suspense novelist."from the publisher, Knopf

"Normally if I sense a writer is going to lecture me I put the book down right away, so it's pretty rare that I feel compelled to write because I want to tell somebody something. Even when I'm writing short humor I generally write about things I'm still trying to work out in my head. I'd rather write stories that raise a lot of questions and then the reader and I are free to come to separate conclusions off the page."Kevin Guilfoile, Author Q&A
Publisher's description: A bereaved doctor undertakes a diabolical experiment in a shattering philosophical thriller that anticipates the moral, social, and metaphysical dilemmas science is poised to confront. Davis Moore is a fertility doctor in Chicago specializing in reproductive cloning, a controversial and closely regulated new practice, when his seventeen-year-old daughter is brutally raped and murdered. The case is investigated but never solved. Months later, Moore retrieves her belongings from the police, and finds among them a vial containing the killer's DNA. Tormented by grief, Moore entertains a monstrous thought: the possibility of cloning not his daughter but the man who killed her. How far would you go to look into the face of your daughter's murderer? Where does evil come from? What happens to the soul when we die? What are you duplicating when you duplicate a human life?

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