Inventory Status

A book can have one of three inventory statuses.

On Our Shelves Now: We update our online inventory once a day. If time is of the essence, please call the store at 617-491-2220 with the title information. You can put the book on hold and pay for it over the phone. Otherwise, place the order as normal and someone will contact you when the book is ready to be picked up. If you click on the title, and happen to be on a mobile device, the website will also list what section the book is shelved in.

Available at Warehouse: This status means the book is at our distributor and that we can get the book to the store or shipped to you in 1-5 days. Orders placed over the weekend will take a little longer as we cannot place orders with our distributors over the weekend. If you need a more exact time estimate, please call the bookstore at 617-491-2220 with the title information.

It's Complicated: This status means the book is neither on our shelves nor at our primary distributor. This means will have to check on the availablity of the book with other sources. Sometimes these books are still available and sometimes they are not. Books ordered from a publisher can take 1-3 weeks to arrive at the store. Sometimes we can even get these titles in 1-3 business days as with the "Available to Order" status. Sometimes books available for Pre-Order will also have this status, so if it has a publication date in the future, go ahead and order it.