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If you've shopped online for anything, you can shop online with us. Get started with the search box in the upper right corner. Or maybe you need a recommendation. Keep reading if you've got questions or give us a call at 617-491-2220 or send an email to

Porter Square Books sells hundreds of thousands of books online, from current bestsellers to classics still in print. Online orders can be shipped, gift wrapped, picked up at the store, paid for online, or paid for in the store. When you place an order, you'll get an automatic email letting you know the order went through the system and a second email from a human with more specific details. To get started just search for the title, author, keyword, or ISBN in the search box in the upper right hand corner of the website. If you're looking for ebooks, use the search box on the left. And we now sell digital audio books here! Below you can find more information about our Inventory Status, our search engine, shipping, and signed copies.

Greetings. Just send an email

Greetings. Just send an email to with questions about credit card payment. We can adjust our credit card settings as needed in order to allow a purchase. As long as we'll be shipping to the US, we should be able to figure this out for you. Thanks for your interest.



In regards to an online order


If I need to make a change to my online order, what is the best # to contact? Thank you, I'm very excited for the signed Neil Gaiman book!

Sorry it's taken me so long

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your comment. We rarely use this function.Just send an email to if you have any questions about your order. Thanks for your order.



Hi Trish, Sorry for the

Hi Trish,

Sorry for the confusion. The print search box is in the top right corner. We can order Faith Like Mine for you. You can either go through the website or just give us a call at 617-491-2220. Again sorry for the confusion and thank you for your support.

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