Zola Books

Zola Books is a new social media and ebooks sales website. Zola connects between readers, writers, publishers, bookstores, and book bloggers to create a unique online book community. Along with book lists, news, events, videos, and more, Zola books will sell ebooks, right now through an Apple applet, but eventually to any device with a browser, including Amazon Kindle products. Click here to see a list of books readable on the Kindle. Every week Zola adds new publishers to their catalog and now offer most new books. Their blog is also full of great bookish content, so even if you're not planning on buying ebooks from them, it's worth stopping by to check out author interviews, book news, and cool book lists, including one of Literary References in Breaking Bad. As more people join, social activity will increase, more publishers will get on board and more authors will create content. Check out our storefront and pledge to support us. If you do, Porter Square Books will recieve a portion of all of your sales. They're still working on the nuts & bolts, but keep an eye on them, they could be developing a fun, new way to shop for books online.