Announcing the 2020 Writers in Residence


Porter Square Books is proud to announce our 2020 Writers in Residence. 

Our Writer in Residence for Adults is Justin Chen and our Writer in Residence for Young Readers is Sacha Lamb.

Justin’s project is a memoir that explores how he came to writing after spending a number of years as a molecular biologist. He tells this second-coming-of-age story alongside the stories of two long-term relationships that ended in this same time period. Justin’s prose was sharp and compelling and we were especially taken by how he uses the story of becoming a writer in a very different way than we’ve seen before, using it to explore different issues of identity, family, relationships, and the value and experience of different types of work. 

Sacha's work in progress, Judah Berkman's Book of Life, is, according to the author "a story about grief and healing from the perspective of a gay, transgender Jewish teen," and is one Sacha describes as "intensely personal." It's likely that close-to-home voice that drew us to Sacha's tale, and upon diving into the pages our panel found this story to be both timely and touching. While this manuscript provides a unique struggle in its story, we believe it will be a necessary voice for hope, and we have faith in Sacha to make that voice heard. Sacha is a longtime member of the Porter Square community and we believe that their clear vision for this project, along with their prolific track record, will quickly shepherd this project towards the finish line. We are delighted to get to witness some of its construction as a part of our residency program. 

There will be a welcome reading featuring Justin and Sacha in February.

We received many great applications and wish we could accommodate many more writers. If nothing else it is thrilling to see how much great writing is happening in our community.