Announcing Online Bundles!


We have added a new feature to our website: Online bundles!

Online bundles are curated sets of books and gifts. Selected by our booksellers to introduce readers to ideas, topics, and places, celebrate special occasions, and connect readers to the perfect books, the bundles are an easy way to get all of your bookish shopping done. They feature 2-4 different books and occasionally include a gift item as well, and they are priced at 10% off the total price of the items. From the main bundles page, you can navigate to our bundle categories. You can also just scroll through all of them to see what we have to offer.

We have bundles introducing you to different takes on the zombies, queer writing in science fiction, the art of translation, exciting Mexican authors and more. We have bundles if you’re traveling, if you’re celebrating a graduation or a wedding, and if you’re looking for books for young readers. (Early readers, middle grade, and YA.) We have bundles for readers who have just adopted a rescue dog, are fans of massive postmodern novels, and who moved into a place with a kitchen.

As an indie bookstore, we have a responsibility to carry books that create interesting and meaningful collections, that both represent our community and lead our community, in part because it is so difficult to create those collections online. There really is no such thing as a “collection” when every book is available. Having a book on a finite shelf in a finite store says something about the value of that book. Putting our staff picks online is one way to create that sense of collection and curation online. Same goes for our holiday gift guide. Now, the online bundles are another.

Sure, the bundles are a little cheaper than buying the books individually, and are a way to get a bunch of shopping done with one click, but, we hope they’re also fun, a chance to see new connections and new relationships between books, to learn about a new topic or concept, to think about a place in a different way, and to discover new authors and books.