Author's Exquisite Corpse March-April 2019


This year, instead of publishing one massive exquisite corpse sometime early next year, we’ll be publishing it in chunks as we go along. Think of it as a semi-regular literary journal with contributions from both established authors and new voices.

Here are the entries for March and April 2019. (Click here to see January and February)

First, where we left off at the end of February


“Spandex is the world’s best invention,” she answered and left with a swish of elastic fabric. And I was left feeling dehydrated. Tears take a lot of liquid from my body.”

-Lizzy Mason, 2/27/19


Now, on with the story!


Then it was, the clock, standing far off in the corner of the room, began a slow, ominous toll for the dead.

-Dan Moren, 3/5/19


Who owned this particular clock? The one with the ominous tone? That would be the mystery that Sam F. Ruddington would spend the rest of his life trying to figure out.

-Ryan Walsh, 3/6/19


Little did he know, that the clock was once part of a house where magical circumstances were so common as to seem ordinary. And the house was owned by a crooked old man who walked a tremory step down a crooked stone path.

-Andrea McDonnell, 3/8/19


But the day he walked down the crooked path, his tremory step stopped, and the crooked path straightened. Now this was unusual! What forces had righted the world? Good? … or evil?

-Janet Pocorobba, 3/12/19


Now on a path that did not, as Frost said, diverge, he did not know what to do. Walking straight seemed so expected, so ordinary. So, instead, he picked up a large, stout, stick, and began to dig.

-Whitney Scharer, 3/18/19


The ground was half frozen, but he made slow progress as the last of the sun dipped into night. When the hole was deep enough to cover his arm up to the elbow joint, he dropped the body in, and sat down to rest.

-Kate McGovern, 3/22/2019


And then starlight--dazzling starlight--filtered through the clouds dancing over him and wide, wonder world.

-Kip Wilson, 3/30/19


Then suddenly, the stars winked out one by one as his consciousness faded to black.

-Kris Frieswick 4/2/19


When he awoke, he found himself different and he could not believe what he saw in the mirror.

-Grace Talusan, 4/3/19


There before him, was a shiny creature. Three eyes, three legs, and a tail. He gasped, then…

-Jen Petro-Roy 4/4/19


he pulled back, backed away, wondering how far back he could go before whatever was there had to do its thing…

-Ed Pavlic, 4/5/19


But then she double-taked, double-took, and saw the ants and grasshoppers, startled and stymied, wandering water and green blades of grass...

-Denise Bergman, 4/10/19


May all beings find the deepest peace and happiness and take care of themselves and others happily.

-Narayan Helen Lieberman, 4/11/19


She read this quotation on the door before turning the handle to leave.

-Emma Ramadan, 4/16/19


And then she discovered that the man in black was her husband.

-Brice Matthieussent, 4/16/19


He died five months ago. She was sure it was his ghost returning to haunt her.

-Nakia Hill, 4/18/19


“Welcome, I knew you would return when you learned the truth.”

-Kim McLarin, 4/18/19


You realized you felt alive again.

-Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenya, 4/26/19