Author's Exquisite Corpse May-June 2019

This year, instead of publishing one massive exquisite corpse sometime early next year, we’ll be publishing it in chunks as we go along. Think of it as a semi-regular literary journal with contributions from both established authors and new voices.

Here are the entries for May-June. (Click here to see March & April)

First, where we left off at the end of April.

You realized you felt alive again.

-Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah, 4/26/19

Now, on with the story!


The smell of bacon frying on the stove. Strong black coffee revives your senses.

-Raul III, 5/4/19


For a ghost, the smell of bacon is torture,

-Sarah Rose, 5/7/19


For the ghost keeps kosher.

-Michael Kranish, 5/8/29


(Although exceptions are made for chorizo and seafood paella, obviously.)

-Leah Hager Cohen, 5/14/19


I require abhor it. This gulf between us, deep and wide, I realize in my grief is one that we can never close…

-Charles Coe, 5/17/19


But pomegranates we can agree on. At least we have that.

-Michele Filgate, 5/21/19


Yes, but what about China? Did you think of that?

-Charles Tilghman, 5/28/19


Always dream, even when you are awake.

-Armando Lucas Correa, 5/29/19


Awaken and take the gates by storm, surreptitiously, but with great glee and a bit of abandon.

-Ron MacLean, 6/4/19


And after the conquest, there will be feasting with exquisite pastry and mead.

-Rajani LaRocca, 6/11/19


Then Mr. Right appears.

-Tracy Strauss, 6/13/19


They gazed at each other, there at the end of the world.

-Victoria Lee, 6/14/19


And realized they were not alone, turning slowly, feeling eyes watching them, they saw an owl staring at them. The owl wore a tiara of leaves and blinked slowly. “This isn’t the end,” the owl said.

-Alex Villasante, 6/14/19


It flew into the sky, and one by one the stars went out and he woke.

-Lydia Fitzpatrick, 6/19/19


And there he was in his own kitchen--and the pasta pot was boiling over!!

-Jamie Bernstein, 6/25/19 


If only he had put his pants on, the water wouldn’t be burning his legs. 

-B.A. Shapiro, 6/25/19