Betwixt & Be Teen

Happy New Year! We’re thrilled to announce that this year Porter Square Books is launching not one, but TWO new book clubs for readers of young adult literature. Tomorrow on the blog there will be more information on "The Bookavores," a new young adult book club for teens only. Today I’m very excited to tell you about "Betwixt & Be Teen," our new young adult book club for readers of all ages.

I’ve been passionate about children’s literature for as long as I’ve been able to read (I even moved to Boston to study it in an academic setting!), and I know that many of you share my enthusiasm. The Boston area is home to an amazing community of children’s literature readers and writers (including three authors who work at PSB!), and I feel lucky to have met so many of you at the store. In fact, I’d love to talk even MORE with you about children’s books…

So we’re launching a book club. It’s for readers of all ages – especially YOU, if you love children’s books and can’t seem to get enough of talking about them. We’ll be reading young adult (and perhaps some middle grade) books intended to entertain, inspire, and provoke thoughtful discussion.

What makes a young adult book good? Would Harry Potter have flunked out of Hogwarts if Hermione hadn’t done most of his homework? Did that character serve a purpose besides their totally predictable turn to the dark side (and subsequent death)? Do you need to like a book to find it valuable? And what’s up with all those ball gowns on covers, anyway? Answers to these questions and more await you.

I’m very pleased to announce that the first B&BT pick is Conviction, by Kelly Loy Gilbert (2016 Morris Award finalist!).

Please join us for the inaugural meeting of "Betwixt & Be Teen" on Monday, February 8th, at 7pm. There will be snacks. There will be discussion. There may or may not be your future best friend or nemesis, but there will definitely be books.

Ongoing, meetings will be held monthly (7pm on the second Monday of each month). Any questions? You can email me at or tweet your enthusiasm to @PorterSqBooks.