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Announcing the Renee Gladman Symposium

Independent bookstores do important work, both for their communities and for the world of books, when they catch books and authors that have slipped through the cracks and present them to the reading public. PSB does this already with staff picks, recommendations online, and conversations in the store, but as we reflect on the past 20 years of bookselling and imagine the next 20, we want to find more ways to do this work.  

Why These Violent Delights Should be Staff Pick of the Year

Because I am Chloe Gong’s hero (please see photo below for evidence), I have taken it upon myself to spearhead the voting campaign for her fabulous debut and our 2022 kids’ pick finalist, These Violent Delights


(Legend has it that if you say “These Violent Delights” three times in PSB: Boston Edition, I will appear behind you in the YA section to tell you about this book.) 


New Hollywood: From Page to Screen: 2000-2021

At the end of March 2020 we found ourselves making a lot of guesses about how our world would look for, what we thought would be, the next six weeks or so. We guessed it would be important to provide *something* that might help break the isolation of lockdown, something that allowed us to continue connecting with our community even though no one could actually come to the store. We tried a couple of different things including the daily and then three times a week newsletter Shelf Stable.


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