Indies First 2015

Once again we are celebrating Indies First on Small Business Saturday, November 28th. On Indies First local authors will step into the fast-paced, high-octane, several-holds-barred world of holiday libromancing to handsell their books, help you find the perfect gift, and, of course, sign copies of their works.

Here are the authors who will be joining us this year.


#CyberMonday. The online equivalent of Black Friday, in which online retailers compete for your holiday spending with flashy ads and deep discounts. A celebration of getting your holiday shopping done without having to put on pants, or grinding through the list of cousins and co-workers on your lunch break. On #CyberMonday, much like Black Friday, we tend to think of the biggest stores first when we fire up the browser but many local independent stores (including yours truly) support online shopping as well. Online shopping that includes shipping, in store pick up, and gift wrapping.

A Deep Dive: Frankentastic Reads

One of the advantages of digital reading is the ability to dive deeply into a topic or genre you’re excited about. Into Civil War novels, histories of orange farming in California, or travel guides to places you never plan to visit? In a few minutes you can fill your phone or ereader with as many books on your latest obsession, the topic you want to research, the genre you want to become an expert in.

Ginny Gilder

Ginny Gilder's new book, Course Correction, has been described as Wild meets Boys in the Boat. As such, it can be accessed through many points of interest: women in sports, Title IX, personal transformation,  

A Tour of Changes to the Kids’ Section

Recently we added some space and shifted things around in the kids’ section. To help everyone find their way around we asked Bear, the Prime Minister of the Kids’ Section, to give us a brief guided tour.

We expanded our Best of Both Worlds section, which includes books for older teens (14 & up) as well as books for adults that are appropriate for teens. (Rebelling against “The Man” encouraged, but not required.)


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