Harry Potter and the 4th of July

Happy 4th, folks! We've entered the home stretch - Harry Potter's birthday month! We're taking the holiday off of our Harry Potter blog series and will see you all bright and early next Monday, July 11 Hope you're all keeping cool and having fun today.

Harry Potter and When Things Turn Ugly

Midnight release party announcement of the week: So - you know all those incredibly detailed Harry Potter coloring books that have come out in the last year? Well, we're putting them to good use with a Harry Potter coloring station! (And as always, don't forget to register for the Harry Potter fanfic open mic!) Now on to today's blog post. Two weeks ago Bookseller Heather talked about how excellent it is to read Harry Potter aloud, as a family.

Top 10 Book Covers OF ALL TIME!!!!

Being a bookseller means looking at hundreds (maybe even thousands) of book covers over the course of the year and, when you’ve been a bookseller as long as I have (which is almost twelve years now), you’re bound to develop opinions and tastes when it comes to book covers. So I started a Pinterest board to collect some of the covers that I thought were most successful. At time of writing I’ve shared my thoughts on almost 150 different book covers.

Scratching My Poetry Itch

I reviewed poetry for a number of years with a few literary websites, but other time commitments have pulled me away from that reviewing. But I’m still reading poetry, writing it, and loving it, even if I’m not writing about it quite as much as I’d like to. So, to scratch my own poetry itch, here are some relatively new works of poetry that I think you should read.


Voyage of the Sable Venus by Robin Coste Lewis


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