Author's Exquisite Corpse May-June 2019

This year, instead of publishing one massive exquisite corpse sometime early next year, we’ll be publishing it in chunks as we go along. Think of it as a semi-regular literary journal with contributions from both established authors and new voices.

Here are the entries for May-June. (Click here to see March & April)

First, where we left off at the end of April.

You realized you felt alive again.

Second Location Name Announcement

After one contest, several meetings, dozens of emails back and forth (including a long discussion about a particular punctuation mark), and consultation with our partners at Grub Street and other community members, we have named our new location at Grub Street, “Porter Square Books: Boston Edition.”

We received 133 suggestions from our community. Here are some of our favorites that didn’t get selected:

Girls Write the World: Writing to Heal

            Last spring, a writer-friend and I started a creative writing club at Pelham Academy, a high school for girls recovering from trauma. Our friend, Lindsay, who works there, prepared us for our first session. She said it would be best to do most of the talking ourselves, especially at the beginning; the students might be nervous and we shouldn’t expect them to open up much.  I was grateful for the tips, since I was pretty nervous myself.

On Starting

Writing is a strange job. Oftentimes, I'll spend a whole day thinking about my characters, outlining, and even drafting and come away feeling like I haven't accomplished anything. On more difficult days it feels impossible to start. I wake up, move through my morning, and sit down at my desk only to have the Big Fear land on my shoulders. 



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