Signature Style: Wave Books

How should this book look? It is one of the more difficult and potentially important questions publishers need to answer. The wrong cover could prevent the right readers from picking up the book. It could create expectations the book was never intended to meet. Or (perhaps even worse) the book could just disappear into the mass of new titles published every day and never get picked up at all.

The Extraordinary Expositor's Superhero Cheatsheet!: Issue #1: Captain Marvel


You may have noticed that there are a lot of superhero movies coming out this year. This might seem a bit overwhelming but DON'T WORRY. As a comic book fan, I am very used to the feeling of being overwhelmed by too many superheroes. I can help guide you through decades of complicated and interconnected storylines with a curated list so you can read up on the characters before the movie comes out. Impress your friends by getting all the inside jokes!


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