Why In the Distance Should be the Pick of the Year

Cover of In the DistanceThere was a moment near the end (that I won’t spoil for you) when I realized just how special In the Distance is, how much Diaz had played with our expectations, stretched the norms of storytelling, and created something totally unique. It’s a moment when (OK, a tiny spoiler) essentially nothing happens, but the way that nothing happens shows the real depth of Diaz’s novel.

2017 Authors Cycle Story

Once again, we did a cycle story or exquisite corpse with as many of the authors who read at PSB as we could wrangle. The authors were only allowed to see the last entry and had an inch and a half of space to write what happens next. Here is the result.  


The audience had all left and the stock for the store had been signed. It was a great event and The Author was looking forward to a quiet night before the next leg of the tour. Unfortunately for The Author, the parking lot outside of Porter Square Books was in utter chaos.

It's Not Just a Book: Josh Cook

It's Not Just a Book LogoBooks are a chance to gather with friends, a refuge from the world, an answer to a problem that felt impossible, a connection to distant people, a lifetime of inspiration. They get to you after hundreds, even thousands of hours, of work by authors, editors, copy editors, and booksellers and they stay with you, in one form or another, for your whole life.


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