He Had Voltaire in the Back of His Head??

Hello, Internet People! We are less than two weeks away from the midnight party event of the summer. No big announcements other than make sure you've got your wizard robes and wands at the ready - rumor has it we'll be giving out Hogwarts acceptance letters as prizes! Also, registration for our Harry Potter fan fic open mic is still open. See here for more details! This week our blog post comes from Bookseller Mackenzie. The only way it could be cuter is if it came with a golden retriever.

The Summer Stretch

The idea of “summer reading” being mostly lighter, fluffier books comes from the fact that after a school year’s worth of intellectual effort, it’s nice to take a break and read undemanding books. And it is nice to kick back, relax, watch characters do interesting things in interesting places, and not work very hard for awhile.

My Security Blanket's Name is Harry Potter

Welcome to July, otherwise known as HARRY POTTER MONTH! If I were running the show that alone would suffice for an Important Announcement. Since I'm not, here's the official midnight release party announcement of the week: We'll be running Harry Potter MadLibs! (Side note: I just received the Harry Potter coloring sheets yesterday and they are fantastic.) Lastly, there are still spots open for the fan fic open mic. Sign up here! This week's blog post comes from Bookseller Tildy:

Harry Potter and the 4th of July

Happy 4th, folks! We've entered the home stretch - Harry Potter's birthday month! We're taking the holiday off of our Harry Potter blog series and will see you all bright and early next Monday, July 11 Hope you're all keeping cool and having fun today.


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