Book Bundles

Need some books but don't want to pick them out yourself? Want to get yourself a surprise present? Order one of our book bundles! We'll be adding more as time goes on so check back.

Janaea's BIPOC and Debut Author Bundles

Interested in expanding your literary taste buds beyond your usual run of the mill saltine cracker style book? Try Janaea's Adult Diversity Bundle. Step through the pages of hand-chosen books into worlds and experiences unknown to you. If you prefer a certain genre, or have any preferences, please let Janaea know. (This bundle will include hardcover & paperbacks.) Click here for adults and here for YA.

There are so many authors debuting for the first time! Debuting in general is hard, but debuting during a pandemic is THE WORST. There are so many amazing stories in all genres releasing, so if you choose this bundle, sky's the limit! Put your preferences in the comments, and enjoy reading a new author you may not normally pick up. Click here for adults and here for YA.


Sinny Sends You 2 Cookbooks: Two for $70, Two for $50, Two for $40

Have you purchased one of our cookbooks on display recently? It was likely Sinny who led you to that perfect choice! Let Sinny do all the guessing work this season and every season that you need a new cookbook for yourself and gift recipients. If there are dietary restrictions or specific requests, please let her know in the comments section of your order. Cheers! Choose a bundle for $70, $50, or $40 depending how muc you love--I mean, how much you want to spend. Click on the links for an idea of what types of cookbooks will be in each bundles.Two for $70, Two for $50, Two for $40

Katherine's Bite-Sized Bundle

Having trouble concentrating? Need help reaching your reading goal? Simply prefer books and stories on the shorter side? Katherine will help you out by hand picking 3 books that don't make you feel like you're undertaking a daunting expedition--a combination of novellas, short stories, and essay collections. This bundle is perfect to get you back into the swing of reading, but you'll especially love it if you like weird tales, genre fiction, and diverse voices. Feel free to put your preferences in the order comments!  


Hannah's Horror Bundle

Having trouble getting into spirit this unusual Halloween? Hannah will hand pick you three spine-chilling paperback novels that will make you double check your locks and hide beneath the covers. Let’s embark on a journey of short story compilations, female horror writers, horror poetry, Halloween books for youth, and classic horror together. Now light that pumpkin spice candle and let’s take a ride to Halloween Town.


Kate Sends You 3 Paperbacks

Type a word or phrase in the order comments and Kate will pick out three paperbacks for you. Kate reads widely, but you may especially like her picks if you enjoy slightly-off-kilter fiction, works in translation, poetry, and little books about big landscapes.



Stacey's Middle Grade Bundle

Looking for something quirky or heartwarming? Cute? Kinda creepy? Esoteric or irreverent? Throw a dice and see what Stacey finds on the shelves for you! A random selection of 3 MG paperbacks. If giving as a gift, please provide the recipient's age and interests.

Paperback Picture Book Bundle

We have so many great, new paperback picture books coming in, and we just want to share them all! With this bundle, we'll send you three paperback picture books for $22. Select fiction, nonfiction, or a mix!

Stacey's Mystery Sticker Bundle

Five sheets for $13! What adorable stickers will you get this time?


Sarah's Mystery Bundle

Cozies, Scandinavian noir, historicals, police procedurals, private investigators -- you'll get a mix in your three-paperback bundle.





Caleb: Something Twisted This Way Comes

Caleb's cold-blooded book club, now online! Be prepared for dark head games, precocious plot-hatchers, and unreliable narrators. Caleb will handpick THREE different page-turners for you, scratching that delicious itch for antiheroes and adrenaline.



Meaghan: Diversify Your Bookshelf

Bookshelves looking a little male or pale? Meaghan's here to help! She will handpick 3 fiction titles by either POC authors or (diverse) female-identifying authors to add some color to your reading. (Put your preference in order comments!)



Shana's Queer SFF Bundle

If you liked Narnia but prefer to be out of the closet, if you're still mad that Poe and Finn never kissed, if you've recognized the biggest fantasy of all is that gender could be a binary, this is the bundle for you! Shana will use their extensive knowledge of science fiction and fantasy and select three books where queer people get to go on fantastical adventures. If there are any specific shades of queer you'd like to see or any other details, say something in the notes!

Hey Kids, Comics!

We're living in a graphic novel revolution, and the comics written for teens and preteens have been especially amazing. Have comic book expert Shana pick out three comics aimed at the young or young at heart! Please specify specific interests and preferences, as well as age in the comments. 

Hey Adults, Comics!

Interested in checking out some comics but not sure where to start? Or already a fan but want to check out something new? Let Shana be your guide! They will choose three comic trade paperbacks to bring you into to the weird, wacky, and wonderful world of graphic novels. Specify tastes and preferences and anything else you think they ought to know!

Josh Sends You 3 Paperbacks

Longtime libromancer, Josh sends you three great books of his choosing.





5 Mysteries for $25

Mystery readers rejoice! Restock your quarantine reading from our bargain bin. We'll send you 5 mystery books from our bargain bin. Stock is limited, but we'll do our best to replenish our supplies whenever we sell out.


Lit Mag Bundle

Literary magazines and journals are a vital part of literature and publishing but they're also challenging for us to sell online. Purchase this bundle and we'll send you three of the lit mags we have in the store now.