The God of the Other Side Bible Study Guide Plus Streaming Video (Paperback)

The God of the Other Side Bible Study Guide Plus Streaming Video By Kathie Lee Gifford, Joanne Moody (With) Cover Image
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In the Gospels, we often read of Jesus telling his disciples to travel to the "other side" of the Sea of Galilee. What we don't often realize is what this other side represented. It was the region of the Decapolis, where many pagan religions were practiced. The disciples, under Jewish law, would have been considered unclean even to step foot there.

In this six-session video Bible study, Kathie Lee Gifford and Joanne Moody reveal how Jesus broke through social barriers and reached those on the "other side" whom society had abandoned. Through the stories of the Demoniac, Samaritan Woman, Prodigal Son, four friends of the paralyzed man, and Cornelius and Peter, you will discover the incredible lengths to which God will go to reach those who are lonely, lost, and left behind. You will be challenged to follow Jesus' example and daily go to the other side for those who need his love.

Each session includes clips from The Way oratorios, featuring Kathie Lee Gifford and other well-known personalities, that bring the story of Scripture to life with contemporary orchestral arrangements, powerful narration, and stunning visuals.

This study guide includes:

  • Individual access to six streaming video sessions
  • A guide to best practices for leading a group
  • Video notes and a comprehensive structure for group discussion time
  • Personal study for deeper reflection

Sessions and video run times:

  1. The Other Side (23:00)
  2. The Demoniac (24:00)
  3. The Samaritan Woman (22:00)
  4. The Prodigal Son (22:00)
  5. Cornelius and Peter (23:00)
  6. The Power of Unity (23:00)

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