Extra Dry, with a Twist: An Insider's Guide to Bartending (Hardcover)

Extra Dry, with a Twist: An Insider's Guide to Bartending By Shaun P. Daugherty Cover Image
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With twenty years of experience behind the bar, Shaun P. Daugherty knows what it takes to stand out in the bartending profession. With his expert advice and insider tips, you will easily make the shift from a "person who mixes drinks" to a true bartender.

Bartending as a profession is much more than knowing what types of liquor go into a particular drink. In this must-have manual, Daugherty outlines the real fundamentals of bartending: the basic principles of bartending, rules to follow that will make you a great bartender, actions to avoid, and some of the personality types you'll meet on the other side of the bar. He also shares personal anecdotes and secrets for making more money and landing the best jobs in the business.

Entertaining, insightful, and ultimately practical, Extra Dry, with a Twist is valuable for anyone who works with the public. After all, bartending is about mastering the art of people, and honing the essential skills-including professionalism, customer service, responsibility, and discipline-that win you a loyal clientele. With Daugherty's guidance and expertise, you will be equipped with everything you need to make bartending a genuinely rewarding occupation anywhere in the world.

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ISBN: 9780595712847
ISBN-10: 0595712843
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: December 27th, 2007
Pages: 124
Language: English