Instant Pot Cookbook: 100+ Foolproof Recipes For Your Electric Pressure Cooker (Paperback)

Instant Pot Cookbook: 100+ Foolproof Recipes For Your Electric Pressure Cooker Cover Image
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100+ Healthy and Effortless Dinner Options, Just the Click of a Button Away...

Eat healthy, home-cooked meals every day without having to waste hours in the kitchen.

No more babysitting your stove pots, no complicated recipe steps, and above all: no endless piles of pots and pans to wash after cooking. Just one kitchen appliance, no struggling in the kitchen, and yet 100+ healthy home-cooked meals to choose from. What more could you want?

This comprehensive cookbook is the only cookbook you will need for all your healthy, effortless, and delicious meals to come. With an impressive 100+ recipes to choose from, you will never find yourself uninspired in the kitchen again.

All recipes are easy to follow, and thanks to the use of your new best kitchen friend the Instant Pot, cooking healthy, home-cooked meals has never been easier.

This Instant Pot Cookbook includes:

  • 100+ Delicious recipes
  • A brief guide to choosing the perfect Instant Pot for you
  • The Instant Pot's key features explained
  • Some practical tips on getting the best out of your Instant Pot
  • Endless cooking inspiration

Are you ready to join the effortlessly healthy cooking revolution?

Then plug in your Instant Pot, pick your favorite recipe and let's go relax while our Instant Pot does the cooking

Product Details
ISBN: 9780645082449
ISBN-10: 0645082449
Publisher: Raven Media
Publication Date: January 14th, 2021
Pages: 138
Language: English