Your Baby's Bottle-feeding Aversion: Reasons and Solutions (Paperback)

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A feeding aversion (also called feeding refusal, strike, or phobia) is a fear of feeding. Babies can display signs of a feeding aversion from around 8 weeks of age. A feeding-averse baby can be hungry and yet scream and refuse to eat, or refuse to continue after eating very little. Some feeding-averse babies will eat better in a drowsy state or while sleeping - a time when their guard is down.

In her book, 'Your Baby's Bottle-feeding Aversion', Rowena explains the reasons that healthy babies act like they would rather starve than eat. She also describes practical steps that parents can take to turn their avoidant feeder into a baby who becomes excited by the prospect of feeding and enjoys eating. On average it takes around two weeks (range 5 days to 3 weeks) to resolve a feeding aversion once you know the steps to take.

Parents claim the relief as a result of resolving their baby's feeding aversion is life changing. Imagine how good it will feel to end your baby's feeding crisis and enjoy this precious time together.

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ISBN: 9780648098409
ISBN-10: 0648098400
Publisher: Your Baby Series
Publication Date: November 30th, 2017
Pages: 226
Language: English