A Road of Stones (Paperback)

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Colton, recently graduated star quarterback and now honorably discharged US Marine, just wanted to surprise his old girlfriend. He shows up at the high school only to find that Kelsey is with Daron, her new biracial boyfriend. Colton confronts Daron and, when the argument escalates, pulls out a handgun. But when Colton pulls the trigger-the bullets don't hit his intended victim.

The first book in The Low Field 20 Trilogy, A Road of Stones is a contemporary novel about a small school district in rural Ohio. The school shooting propels the community of Low Field into an out-of-control, spiraling reaction to the traumatic incident, which results in unintended consequences. While the adults argue about gun control and public safety, the students try to make sense of the mess chance has made of their lives. And when it comes to light that Colton's actions may be connected, at least in part, to old sport injuries, he becomes a victim of sorts himself.

Tackling issues like racism, gun rights, and small-town politics, A Road of Stones follows the teens of Low Field as they struggle to learn about friendship and what it means to accept responsibility-and blame-for their actions.

About the Author

Warne Palmer is a writer, PGA golf professional, and educator who lives in northern Ohio. He holds a BS from The Ohio State University and an MA from Youngstown State University, and has worked as a high school English teacher, a principal, and a school superintendent. Author of Play Great Golf Now! and Left-Handed Golf Swing Fundamentals, Palmer's debut novel, A Road of Stones, is the first book in his upcoming trilogy, The Low Field 20.

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ISBN: 9780692410219
ISBN-10: 069241021X
Publisher: Warne Palmer
Publication Date: June 6th, 2015
Pages: 516
Language: English