Recipes of Old England (Hardcover)

Recipes of Old England By Bernard N. Bessunger Cover Image
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Apple Bombard, Pope's Posset, Bubble and Squeak, Tremblonque Beef, Periwinkle Fraze, Dunelm of Cold Fowl, Marlborough Pudding, Portuguez Eggs, Jumbal Cakes, Tewahiddle, Poupeton, Rhyme Pudding and Lemon Dumplings Tried and tested recipes for these and many more tantalising temptations are laid before you by Bernard Nelson Bessunger, convivial host and onetime keeper of the ancient central London tavern, the Lamb & Flag'. Far from dismissing these old pre-Beaton recipes as 'quaint and amusing' he first quotes from original sources, such as old manuscriupt notebooks, before offering his adaptations for the 'modern cook'. Illustrated with line drawings, it makes a fantastic gift for all foodies, food historians and serious cooks.

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ISBN: 9780715363188
ISBN-10: 0715363182
Publisher: David & Charles
Publication Date: May 9th, 2016
Pages: 208
Language: English