Dari-English/English-Dari Practical Dictionary, Second Edition (Paperback)

Dari-English/English-Dari Practical Dictionary, Second Edition By Carleton Bulkin Cover Image
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The essential resource for Dari, a language of Afghanistan

Dari is spoken by over 20 million people and is one of the official languages of Afghanistan. Though closely related to the Persian (Farsi) of Iran and the Tajik of Tajikistan, Dari has been separated from both by historical developments and political boundaries.

In this revised second edition, the author has added updated terminology to reflect recent linguistic developments in the language, and also carefully amended and cross-referenced each entry.

The only two-way Dari-English dictionary available using the Dari writing system, this volume is an indispensable resource for government and NGO workers, resettlement agencies, teachers working with Dari speakers, and immigrants from Afghanistan learning English.

This dictionary also uses Dari script with phonetic transcriptions to aid the English speaker. Areas of focus include cultural, military, medical, and political terminology.

The dictionary includes:

  • over 30,000 total entries
  • essential vocabulary for communication
  • a pronunciation key
  • appendices of geographical, musical, and biological terms

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