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Angela Voras--Hills's Louder Birds, her debut collection of poetry, is a beautiful study of the natural world, motherhood, and the inherent desire for meaning. This collection of complex lyric poems holds a haunting absence at its center, an absence that is "impossible to navigate." Yet Voras--Hills presses on, untangling the distinctions that surround her (human and animal, domestic and wild) with both bravery and respect. She writes, "The boundaries between home and the road / are insecure: it's impossible to navigate this landscape. / We've all been in the presence of something dark / and have chosen not to seek shelter." As the poet hones in on naming the void, her surroundings grow more threatening--but not once does she surrender or turn back. Voras--Hills's poems are smart enough to know the distinctions themselves are tenuous at best, and wise enough to know that we must always pay our dues to the world beyond our door. Wondrous, ruminative, and revelatory, Louder Birds is a collection that is not to be missed.

About the Author

Angela Voras--Hills lives with her family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her work has appeared in the Kenyon Review, Best New Poets, Memorious, Hayden's Ferry Review, and New Ohio Review, among others. She has received grants from the Sustainable Arts Foundation and the Key West Literary Seminar, as well as a fellowship from the Writers' Room of Boston.

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ISBN: 9780807172995
ISBN-10: 0807172995
Publisher: LSU Press
Publication Date: February 15th, 2020
Pages: 80
Language: English