Kregel Bible Atlas (Hardcover)

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God's biblical interaction with man has centered around specific geographical places and unique historical contexts. Knowledge of the geographical area and historical events provides the believer with information critical to a better understanding of Scripture. This full-color, carefully-organized biblical resource introduces the land and times of the Bible in a clear, attractive, and easily-read format, exploring the land of Palestine within its larger historical and geographic setting.

Noted expert in biblical history Tim Dowley traces Old Testament history from the time of the patriarchs through the Israelites' return from Babylonian exile. He then presents a brief look at world and Jewish national events that occurred between the Old and New Testaments, setting the stage for Jesus' coming. His treatment of the New Testament era includes an overview of Judaism, various political climates, and the ministry of Jesus from His birth to His ascension. Also included are the earliest days of the church--its birth and spread under the ministry of the apostles.

The Kregel Bible Atlas contains more than one hundred colorful maps and photos of Bible places and archaeological sites pertinent to the entire Bible.

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ISBN: 9780825424670
ISBN-10: 0825424674
Publisher: Kregel Academic & Professional
Publication Date: January 27th, 2004
Pages: 96
Language: English