Porsche Carrera 964: 1989-1994 Technical Data (Spiral bound)

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Where appropriate, the handbook delivers very helpful 911 - specific repair instructions and notes. Even if you're an old hand at replacing drive belts on other cars, when replacing the alternator and cooling fan belts on a 911 you have to "adjust V-belt tension by moving adjustment shims to inside or outside of pulley halves." When replacing the clutch, you'll need to know that the "cross-shaft needle bearings are not identical [so check] proper location before installing." Not sure where the antenna amplifier is mounted? According to a chart in the Electrical section, it's in the luggage compartment near the right hood hinge.

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ISBN: 9780837602929
ISBN-10: 0837602920
Publisher: Robert Bentley, Inc
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2003
Pages: 370
Language: English
Series: Porsche