Broken Arrow No.1: The World's First Lost Atomic Bomb (Paperback)

Broken Arrow No.1: The World's First Lost Atomic Bomb By John M. Clearwater Cover Image
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A nonfiction account of the first loss of an atomic bomb by the American military, which took place over the coast of B.C. in February, 1950. On a cold, windy February night off the coast of B.C. in 1950, a new B36 United States Air Force bomber experienced catastrophic engine failures on three of its six engines. Before the airplane crashed into a mountainside, the crew dropped their atomic bomb over the Pacific Ocean into Hecate Strait. The aircraft was carrying one of the first two Mark-4 atomic bombs ever loaned to the USAF by the Atomic Energy Commission. In addition to a very heavy atomic bomb, the craft carried seventeen crewmembers. The U.S. military, very concerned about the loss of seventeen men, one bomber and one atomic bomb, immediately launched a huge search operation. Many of the crew were rescued by fishermen and the Royal Canadian Navy, but the aircraft, full of secret equipment, was not found. Broken Arrow No.1 examines exactly what happened in the preparation for the mission, the mission itself, the accident, the loss of the bomb, the search, and eventually the destruction of the bomber four years later.

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ISBN: 9780888395962
ISBN-10: 0888395965
Publisher: Hancock House
Publication Date: December 15th, 2008
Pages: 160
Language: English