The Dream Art of Rick Veitch Volume 2: Pocket Universe (Paperback)

The Dream Art of Rick Veitch Volume 2: Pocket Universe By Rick Veitch, Rick Veitch (Artist) Cover Image
By Rick Veitch, Rick Veitch (Artist)
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Rick Veitch is a cartoonist well known for cutting to the quick, and his ground breaking dream comic, Rare Bit Fiends, continues to entertain and intrigue readers regularly with some of the most personal and revelatory panel art being published today.
Now, in this second Rare Bit Fiends Trade Paperback Collection, he gets you so close to the quick you can just about touch it
Welcome to POCKET UNIVERSE, in which Veitch combines the ultimate in post-modern storytelling with his bravura crowquill and ink illustrations to recreate the deepest levels of dreaming as a startling and subtle set-piece of sensational psycho-art. Building on the drumbeat one-page dreams from last year's companion volume, RABID EYE, Veitch composes a single sweeping mindscape that carries the reader along hypnotically, unfolding through the vistas of the unconscious with all the magic and mystery of dreaming itself. Are art and life one? Enter Rick Veitch's POCKET UNIVERSE and learn the simple truth Includes the Afterward: IT'S NOT WHERE IT'S GOING, IT'S WHERE IT'S COMING FROM, Confessions Of A Dream Artist by Rick Veitch.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780962486425
ISBN-10: 0962486426
Publisher: King Hell Press
Publication Date: October 14th, 1996
Pages: 112
Language: English