Growing Up Holy & Wholly (Paperback)

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Home Review included the 1st edition of Growing Up Holy & Wholly in their 2005 list of 100 top selling counseling books. This 2nd edition is updated and revised. It takes modified version of the secular Adult Children of Alcoholic (ACA) dysfunctional rules of Don't Talk, Don't Trust, and Don't Feel and to explain how the rule-bond, legalistic form of Christianity creates an internal split in a person's psyche by invalidating the the true self in the quest for "Holiness." As a result, many sincere Christians strive for holiness but struggle with an internal, confusing angst because they are detached from themselves, unable to be a whole person. To many individuals, the only answer is a wholesale rejection of their faith because they see no other options. The author brings a forthright assessment of the problem and describes the dilemma so that it makes makes sense and provides path to proper wholeness that allows Christians to keep the essential elements of their faith. As one reader exclaimed, "This book takes all of the things I had been feeling and didn't understand, and put them into words that made sense to me.

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ISBN: 9780967110523
ISBN-10: 0967110521
Publisher: Mandy Press
Publication Date: April 30th, 2010
Pages: 306
Language: English