At My Pace (Paperback)

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At My Pace is a collection of thirty-six essays that describe the twists and turns, starts and stops of ordinary women as they seek personal fulfillment: A poet who cares for her ailing father; A pioneering sports reporter who finds meaning in adopting her Chinese daughter; A graphic designer whose life implodes during the dot com bust; An educator who celebrates her choice to be single; A mom with young children who has fallen off the corporate ladder...

These stories and more, from women in their mid thirties to early eighties—with equally broad interests and life circumstances—will inspire, amuse and maybe even guide you.

At My Pace is a book about ordinary women who share their extraordinary stories, celebrating our individual choices with refreshing candor and wisdom.

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ISBN: 9780996267403
Publisher: SizedRight Marketing
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2015
Pages: 196