TJ's Then & Now: Discover How Trader Joe's Changed the Way America Eats (Paperback)

TJ's Then & Now: Discover How Trader Joe's Changed the Way America Eats By Joshua Lazana Lagman (Illustrator), Susie Wyshak Cover Image
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Better than a Trader Joe's cookbook, this book takes you back in time through a vintage Trader Joe's flyer Imagine life without the Internet, cell phones, or Trader Joe's. For many, that described 1982, the year that TJ's mailed a flyer to our house. We left this flyer in our car, where it lay hidden for years. (Hoarders unite ) A fan of culinary history, I wanted to bring TJ fans a glimpse of Trader Joe's history - when there were only 16 locations in Southern California. You won't believe what then were new, exotic foods that we now cannot live without. Witness Trader Joe's inspiring customers to become the adventurous, health-foodies we are today. This amazing 35-year old flyer unlocks the secrets to how TJ's keeps us coming back for more. This unauthorized "fan non-fiction" book about Trader Joe's feeds you light-hearted tidbits about our food history. It's the perfect gift and conversation piece for TJ's fans of all ages - especially now that Trader Joe's is more than 50 years old.

About the Author

Lifelong Trader Joe's fan Susie Wyshak is also the author of Good Food, Great Business: How to Take Your Artisan Food Idea From Concept to Marketplace (Chronicle Books). Her book Chocolate Chip Cookie School helps kids learn critical thinking through cookies, by deconstructing the history of the cookie and its ingredients, then learning how to plan a cookie business or bake sale. Susie is a resident of Oakland, California, where she lives in walking distance to Trader Joe's.

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ISBN: 9780996701716
ISBN-10: 0996701710
Publisher: Chocolate Chip Cookie School
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2017
Pages: 78
Language: English