Man of a Certain Age: Happy Alcoholic Moves On (Paperback)

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Life is a game that changes dramatically as we all age. Of course, life is not what it was in your 20's as you push through your 40's. I can only pray that our 50's will be kinder and gentler, but we shall see. This book is the #2 or sequel to my first, long-winded and typed effort that covers almost 50 years of living in a few small places of America and big places beyond. This second effort you are considering goes into great detail about what is stupid, irrelevant, important, and vital to guys like me, a Man of a Certain Age, if you those who love such guys. Thanks for your interest and for considering this shorter read from this husband, father, and writer of some degree. More to come. Please stay tuned. Gracias, thank you, and Buen Camino.

About the Author

2015 was a critical year for this author and Man of a Certain Age. 2016 continues with more life changes to come and the second volume in this series of books about middle-age men and what I think about this part of life and beyond. Feel free to contact me via Facebook and, as well. I have a few ideas about the third volume of this series, but crowdsourcing subjects, opinions, and feedback from like men and those who love them may just be the best strategy moving forward. Again, feel free to reach out, share, and discuss our era...which is rarely discussed out there, for reasons beyond me. Buen Camino! and thanks for your interest. I appreciate it very much.

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ISBN: 9780997354416
ISBN-10: 0997354410
Publisher: Functional Alcoholic Anonymous
Publication Date: March 30th, 2016
Pages: 64
Language: English