Man of a Certain Age: My Greatest (recovery) Year (Paperback)

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As I enter my 50th year of life, or my second half, I have updated my "Man of a Certain Age: " series with this third installment that covers my 49th year of bottoming out, recovery beginnings, and the people and places that have really helped motivate and invigorate me to do better. To be better. To lead myself better down life's path, My Camino, and my life with My Love, four wonderful grown and growing kids and all that life throws at this Man of a Certain Age. My tribe is mostly ignored or forgotten, if we aren't in places of power and financial influence. This is my story of how I cope with that fact and how I must live a much better life in my second half to enjoy all of the great people, places, and experiences that my life has offered and continues to offer me every day, week, month, and year of my blessed life. I am just one real George Bailey and I do have "A Wonderful Life" with many angels like Clarence reminding me of just that. My aging demographic may just be forgotten by many, which is primarily why ours is the only shrinking American population, by our own hands through personal behaviors/addictions, in America's modern era (see the research @ http: // and in the NYTimes @ https: // ) That is one of the many reasons to write such a book for my family, my friends, my acquaintances, and, also, for the millions of guys out there that struggle daily with their issues, demons, and lack of interest in them and their daily challenges. My first two books were written in a sloppy manner, as only a heavy drinker can achieve. But, this one was written while sober, even with vino tinto at the ready, and with a much-improved perspective, story of recovery beginnings, and my Camino experience this recovery summer that only helped my attitude, outlook, value, and self-worth. Take this for what it is worth, this honest story of my 49th year of life. My Camino. My real Camino de Santiago from Burgos to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain, August 2017. One lovely and delicious trail of people, places, food, faith, and fellowship. Enjoy and I will see how year 50 progresses, as I plan volume 4, "Man of a Certain Age: ", over the next few years and see where this second half of life takes us all across this country and, most of all, across the globe to older and finer cultures, people, and lifestyles. We will get there as a family and a tribe...together. Ultreia.

About the Author

Husband. Father. Son. Christian. Domestic god. Chef. Lover of family, food, adventure, sailing, beaches of all kinds, Spain, and Western Europe's people and places! Pilgrim of El Camino de Santiago...twice. Global adventurer. And, and not-to-be-forgotten Man of a Certain Age...

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