Georgia Dusk: Where We Were Born (Paperback)

Georgia Dusk: Where We Were Born By Dudgrick Bevins, luke kurtis Cover Image
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Georgia Dusk is an autobiographical poetry and photography chapbook collaboration by Dudgrick Bevins and luke kurtis. Both born in Dalton, Georgia and raised in rural Appalachia, the poet's lives followed very different paths. Yet they both ended up in New York City where they eventually met for the first time. Upon discovering their common roots, the two poets developed a unique poetic bond. In Georgia Dusk, their contrasting literary and visual styles give way to poetic dialogue that explores themes of grief, longing, gratitude, pain, and joy against the simultaneous backdrops of their shared heritage and adopted home.

About the Author

Dudgrick Bevins is a queer identified writer and photographer transplanted from the North Georgia mountains to New York City. When he isn't teaching literature and creative writing he enjoys the company of his partner and their very grumpy hedgehog, Ezri. luke kurtis is a Georgia-born interdisciplinary artist. His books include INTERSECTION, The Language of History, and Angkor Wat, all part of an ongoing series that combines photography, writing, and design. He lives and works in New York City's Greenwich Village.

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ISBN: 9780999207826
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Publication Date: October 11th, 2017
Pages: 64
Language: English