Another Son: The Story of a New Teacher for the Modern Age (Hardcover)

Another Son: The Story of a New Teacher for the Modern Age By Kurtis A. Bell Cover Image
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In the tradition of The Alchemist, Kurtis Bell's Another Son is an exploration of seeking out truth at all costs, even when society derides or doubts our efforts. The novel addresses the question of what would happen if a modern-day prophet were to suddenly appear, offering us age old wisdom that can remedy our contemporary problems. Has the world become so disheartened with the possibility of hope that it would ignore such sage advice? In the book, Jos, a mystical figure arrives in an older, neglected part of a big city bringing light and hope, rejuvenating the area into a more positive and productive neighborhood. The novel's protagonist, a person questing to find life's purpose and meaning, meets Jos. What the narrator discovers through Jos' teachings changes their life forever. Wise, inquisitive and insightful, Another Son is a parable for our times.

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ISBN: 9780999582312
ISBN-10: 0999582313
Publisher: Kurtis Bell
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2018
Pages: 222
Language: English