Chef Baba Cookbook: Eastern European Cuisine (Paperback)

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Chef Baba, the 85-year-old Eastern European grandmother living in America, teaches her charming and funny son Damir how to cook in her YouTube series Chef Baba TV. It quickly becomes obvious that Damir has never lifted a finger to cook -- but why should he when Baba is a master chef? Due to popular demand from Chef Baba's fans, Damir finally got off of his smartphone to help his mother publish her legendary cooking secrets.

Chef Baba's authentic, old world recipes were handed down for generations in Baba's family. This book contains the secrets to preparing classic Eastern European cuisine including Gibanica, Sarma, Meat Crepes, Lepinjice, Krofne, Keks Torta, plus many more

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ISBN: 9780999698419
ISBN-10: 0999698419
Publisher: Madman Interactive
Publication Date: December 5th, 2017
Pages: 246
Language: English