Fabulous Fish Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Seafood Dish Ideas! (Paperback)

Fabulous Fish Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Seafood Dish Ideas! By Thomas Kelly Cover Image
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Is cooking fish difficult? Have you avoided serving fish a lot, because you're not comfortable cooking it? Once you have a little experience in cooking seafood, you'll be more confident using fish more often. This easy recipe cookbook will help you get your feet wet - not literally - in the methods of cooking fish. The dishes you prepare will only be as good as the ingredients you choose. Shop at reputable stores or fish markets so you know you'll have a fresh selection. These tips will help: -Buy domestic fish. If it's not domestic, find it for sale frozen. -Fish fillets ideally feel firm and a bit resistant to your touch, but not mushy at all. -When you buy frozen fish, be sure it's solid and doesn't have freezer burn signs. -Fresh fish should never have that "fishy" smell. They should smell like the ocean. The way you prepare fish for your family and guests is up to you, but dependent on the type of fish you want to prepare. The level of fat and the thickness and natural flavor of fish will help or hinder your preparation. Choose the best fish in your budget and check out these recipes to learn how to cook it.

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