500 Dad Jokes Puns One-Liners and Wordplay: Terribly Good Dad Jokes (Gifts For Dad) (Paperback)

500 Dad Jokes Puns One-Liners and Wordplay: Terribly Good Dad Jokes (Gifts For Dad) By Lowell Fisher Cover Image
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Tired of all those dad joke books that are really just lame kid jokes disguised as dad jokes? Get this authentic dad jokes book that is full of family-friendly puns, one-liners and clever wordplay that is sure to keep your household groaning for less.

This book has over 500 family-friendly dad jokes. A sample of the jokes included in this book:

  • My dog's been pretty upset ever since I switched him to an all-fruit diet. You could say he's a little melon collie now.
  • What do you call a shirt with stalks of corn coming out of it? A crop top.
  • The Queen just knighted the first cow in history. His name is Sir Loin.
  • Do cannibals eat ramen? Or do they cook them first?
  • How warm was Luke Skywalker inside his Tauntaun? Lukewarm.
  • What's the worst thing about driving for Uber? All those people talking behind your back

Get this great book of dad jokes that are at the same time punny and pretty awful. You could be the perfect pain the neck at the next family get together when you spring these great dad jokes on everyone. But why wait until then? These great one-liners and wordplay jokes are perfect for the dinner table, a long car ride with children, when you need to calender in a business meeting, make a toast or when you want to impress your kids' friends (Spoiler alert, on the outside they'll act embarrassed, but deep down they love you for it )

Dad jokes are not just for dads either, they are a great way for kids to learn about word meaning, creativity and clever context. Challenge your family to come up with their own

Lighten up everyone's day with this great book of over 500 dad jokes. Makes the perfect gift for dad's birthday, Father's Day, Christmas, first-time dads or anyone who needs a good eye roll.

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