Making Contact!: Marconi Goes Wireless (Great Idea Series #5) (Paperback)

Making Contact!: Marconi Goes Wireless (Great Idea Series #5) Cover Image
By Monica Kulling, Richard Rudnicki (Illustrator)
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As a boy, Marconi loved science and invention. Born in 1874 in Bologna, Italy, to a wealthy family, Marconi grew up surrounded by books in his father's library. He was fascinated with radio waves and learned Morse code, the language of the telegraph. A retired telegraph operator taught him how to tap messages on the telegraph machine. At the age of twenty, Marconi realized that no one had invented a wireless telegraph. Determined to find a way to use radio waves to send wireless messages, Marconi found his calling. And, thanks to his persistence, on December 12, 1901, for the first time ever, a wireless signal traveled between two continents. The rest is history.
Monica Kulling's playful, informative text, combined with the compelling illustrations of artist Richard Rudnicki, bring an amazing inventor and his times to life.

About the Author

Monica Kulling is a poet who has published over forty books for children, including picture books, adaptations of classic novels, and biographies. Known for introducing biography to children who are just learning to read, she has written about Harriet Tubman, Henry Ford, Houdini, Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart, among others. Her award-winning Great Idea Series features biographies of inventors and their captivating inventions. She is also the author of the hilarious Merci Mister Dash! and Mister Dash and the Cupcake Calamity. The author lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Praise For…

PRAISE FOR Making Contact!:

"Readily engage[s] young readers with fascinating information. They present the lives of their characters in a narrative style and provide absorbing details, both visually and in the text, that gives these accounts an intimate feel.... These and other informational tidbits give the book a personal relatable quality." - Atlantic Books Today

"Non-fiction fans will enjoy this account of how Guglielmo Marconi invented wireless communication." - The Winnipeg Free Press

"Richard Rudnicki's illustrations take the readers to Marconi's time and places, providing the appropriate atmosphere for his story. By resisting the need for excessive text, the affliction of many biographies for young people, and enhancing that limited text with illustrations, Tundra's Great Ideas Series will continue to garner awards and recognition. With Monica Kulling at the writing helm and astutely concentrating on the anecdotes of pivotal experiences, the stories will continue to be fascinating to young readers." - CanLit for Little Canadians

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ISBN: 9781101918425
ISBN-10: 110191842X
Publisher: Tundra Books
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2016
Pages: 32
Language: English
Series: Great Idea Series