The Age of Resilience: Reimagining Existence on a Rewilding Earth (Hardcover)

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Age of Resilience is a wide-ranging look at the political, economic and cultural effects of the global shift from an economy based on efficiency to one based on resilience, from New York Times bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin…

About the Author

Jeremy Rifkin is president of the Foundation on Economic Trends and the bestselling author of over twenty books books, including The Third Industrial Revolution, The Zero Marginal Cost Society, The Green New Deal, The End of Work, and The Empathic Civilization. The National Journal named Rifkin as one of 150 people in the U.S. that have the most influence in shaping federal government policy. He has also testified before numerous congressional committees. Since 1994, Mr. Rifkin has been a senior lecturer at the Wharton School’s Executive Education Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Rifkin is ranked 123 in the WorldPost / HuffingtonPost 2015 global survey of “The World’s Most Influential Voices.” Rifkin has been an advisor to the leadership of the European Union since 2000. He also serves as an advisor to the People's Republic of China.

Praise For…

“In his new book The Age of Resilience, economic and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin breaks ranks with the conventional economic wisdom that encourages unlimited economic development on a planet with finite natural resources. He suggests that we need to think of 'nature as our classroom' and reimagine every aspect of our existence - our concepts of time and space, economic life, governance, and even our notions of selfhood - so that life might flourish once again on Earth. This book invites us to engage in a radically new conversation about our species' future. It's long overdue.”
—Jane Goodall, Primatologist

"The Age of Resilience is a manifesto that....warns us of the consequences if we fail to do so. Every policy maker, politician, educator, civic and religious leader should heed its advice. Change at the magnitude needed to save the planet requires a global realignment in how we think. Fortunately, Rifkin has provided us with a detailed roadmap."
—Ken Burns, Documentary Filmmaker

"By worshipping efficiency, we've managed to build an economic system that melted the Arctic. Jeremy Rifkin argues here that it's time to prioritize resilience instead...I defy anyone not to be fascinated and provoked by the vision he unfolds!"
—Bill McKibben, Climate Activist and Author

Product Details
ISBN: 9781250093547
ISBN-10: 1250093546
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: November 1st, 2022
Pages: 336
Language: English