The Witch King (Hardcover)

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I've been struggling to find the right words to describe just how much this book meant to me. I could have used a book like this as a sixteen year old. Wyatt, in all his sharp, awkward glory, reflects my soul in a way few other characters have. But I'm just as happy I get to read it now. Every character in this book is their own disaster, and every character, good or bad, is so tenderly and sharply real in a way that makes you understand them, even when they're making choices that make you want to shake them. The world building is unique and fascinating, a take on fae and witches I've never seen before complete with claws and wings and horns. I spent far too long after finishing this book thinking longingly about how I wanted to keep reading, then being sad I have to wait for a sequel. I also want to draw specific attention to the language used in the book. So rarely have I read a book where the characters talk exactly like me and my queer friends do. Sentences like "I wanted to make out with him and also steal his face" and exclamations! thrown into! the middle of sentences! for emphasis! just felt so uniquely queer nerd culture in a way I don't often see, and it made this book feel even more special.

— Shana


Wyatt would give anything to forget where he came from--but a kingdom demands its king.

In Asalin, fae rule and witches like Wyatt Croft...don't. Wyatt's betrothal to his best friend, fae prince Emyr North, was supposed to change that. But when Wyatt lost control of his magic one devastating night, he fled to the human world.

Now a coldly distant Emyr has hunted him down. Despite transgender Wyatt's newfound identity and troubling past, Emyr has no intention of dissolving their engagement. In fact, he claims they must marry now or risk losing the throne. Jaded, Wyatt strikes a deal with the enemy, hoping to escape Asalin forever. But as he gets to know Emyr, Wyatt realizes the boy he once loved may still exist. And as the witches face worsening conditions, he must decide once and for all what's more important--his people or his freedom.

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ISBN: 9781335212795
ISBN-10: 1335212795
Publisher: Inkyard Press
Publication Date: June 1st, 2021
Pages: 432
Language: English