Toy Stories: Photos of Children from Around the World and Their Favorite Things (Hardcover)

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This book is delightful and thought provoking.  What toys would have been in my picture when I was a kid?  Are the adults that these kids will become somehow pictured here as well?  What do our toys say about us?  Make sure to take note of the author photo which shows him with his "toys".


— From Toy Stories


For over a year, the photographer and journal­ist Gabriele Galimberti visited more than 50 countries and created colorful images of boys and girls in their homes and neighborhoods with their most prized possessions: their toys. From Texas to India, Malawi to China, Iceland, Morocco, and Fiji, Galimberti recorded the spontaneous and natural joy that unites kids despite their diverse backgrounds. Whether the child owns a veritable fleet of miniature cars or a single stuffed monkey, the pride that Galimberti captures is moving, funny, and thought provoking.

About the Author

Gabriele Galimberti studied photography at Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence from 2000 to 2003. He then ran a professional photog­raphy laboratory and a photo gallery in Florence. His photos have appeared in international maga­zines including Newsweek, Le Monde, Geo, D–La Repubblica, Io Donna, Le Temps, Vanity Fair, and many others. Based in Florence, Italy, Galimberti is on the road all around the world, all year-round.

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ISBN: 9781419711749
ISBN-10: 1419711741
Publisher: Abrams Image
Publication Date: March 25th, 2014
Pages: 112
Language: English