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Phone Losers of America is a collection of short stories which take you on a twenty year journey of high-tech humor, culture jamming, and criminal mischief. From remotely controlling the overhead paging system of a large supermarket, to confusing the phone company with various call forwarding stunts, this bizarre collection of pranks will not only make you laugh, but will make you question the security and sanity of common, everyday business procedures. Learn how one illustrious member of the PLA crossed the country on stolen credit cards, staying in the nicest hotels one day and then sleeping on the streets of major cities the next, all while amusing himself at the expense of others. Laugh as he turns a radio morning show into his own interactive game, enrages users of an online auction site, uses revenge tactics that cross the line, systematically drives convenience store employees nuts so that he can get a job, and confuses an entire neighborhood of cordless phone users. The stories contained in this book are based on the writings from the Phone Losers of America website which have been featured in USA Today, the Boston Herald, 2600, on CNBC, CNN, TechTV, and countless other websites, books, magazines, radio shows and police reports.

About the Author

Brad Carter began annoying people on the phone at the age of 10 and still hasn't grown out of it. He began writing material for Phone Losers of America in 1992, which has been featured in books, magazines and even on TV a few times. Brad currently resides in Albany, Oregon, in a smelly run-down apartment where he dodges creditors, exwives and the IRS.

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ISBN: 9781452876160
ISBN-10: 1452876169
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 4th, 2010
Pages: 312
Language: English