Deliverance Solution Wisdom Freedom II: How to Destroy the Yoke of Captivity - Practical Steps and Utterances for Breaking the Chains of Bondage to Se (Paperback)

Deliverance Solution Wisdom Freedom II: How to Destroy the Yoke of Captivity - Practical Steps and Utterances for Breaking the Chains of Bondage to Se By Pauline Walley Daniels Cover Image
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Freedom II: How to Destroy the Yoke of Captivity ... There are different types of captivities in the human realms of existence. Also, there are different kinds of yokes that burden people into bondage as though there is no hope for freedom. More often than not people leave in vicarious captivity without realizing it. Some people are remotely living like prisoners in their own homes, while some people are in relationships that hold them down in captivity as they have no freedom of life. This book, Freedom II: How to Destroy the Yoke of Captivity which is the second part of Freedom I: How to Set the Captive Free, offers you wisdom on how to enjoy your divinely endowed liberty. This information grants you the knowledge on how to propel yourself into the realms of emancipation, like a fish swimming in free waters. You will find permanent solutions to matters that seem impossible as you discover the invisible and visible walls of hindrances that used to curtail your freedom. Read this book with the intention of finding solutions and make them applicable to your needs. "You will either relate because of your similar past life or you will gain wisdom to help others who are going through a similar lifestyle. You will gain hope, vision and revelation of how your life or other's lives can be changed from a dysfunctional life cycle to a life of meaning and fulfillment." - Dr. Bill Hamon: Founder and Bishop of CI, FL. "In Freedom: How to Destroy the Yoke of Captivity, Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels has succeeded in presenting a clear-cut methodology that completely satisfies and handles in-depth issues, the minute details, the persistent nuances of demonic influence and the various categories which they represent. I am confident that God is continuously glorified in this work, for very rarely does one delve into the level of detail that Dr. Walley-Daniels has around the ministry of deliverance. The information and its presentation, has inspired me to personally use and revi.

About the Author

Pauline Walley-Daniels, PhD, is an ordained prophetic deliverance apostle who teaches the word of God with dramatic demonstrations. She is the president of Pauline Walley Evangelistic Ministries and Christian Communications; the CEO of the Pauline Walley Deliverance Bible Institute as well as the Prophetic Deliverance Theological Training Institute, which includes the School of Intensive Training for Leadership Equipment; and the School of Deliverance in New York. Dr. Pauline is affiliated with the Christian International Ministries Network and is the vice president of Fellowship of Ministers International. Dr. Pauline serves on the Christian Life Educators Network board of regents. She is affiliated with International Coalition of Apostles, and a member of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism's Global Prayer Strike Force team. She holds a master's degree in journalism, and a PhD in pulpit communications and expository preaching. Dr. Pauline is the author of twenty-one books and is married to Rev. Frederick Daniels of Overcomers' House Prophetic Deliverance Church in the Bronx of New York.

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