Discovering the Technology of Ancient China (Paperback)

Discovering the Technology of Ancient China By Lindsey Lowe Cover Image
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Some of the most important technological advancements of the ancient world happened in China. The decimal system, moveable type for printing, and the umbrella were first used by the ancient Chinese. Readers discover these and other fun facts about technology in ancient China with the help of main text and sidebars that supplement both social studies and STEM curriculum topics. Photographs and illustrations show many of these scientific and engineering feats in remarkable detail--from the Great Wall to the unique boats known as junks. Readers are sure to be fascinated by the ancient Chinese inventions we still use today.

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ISBN: 9781502669339
ISBN-10: 1502669331
Publisher: Cavendish Square Publishing
Publication Date: July 30th, 2023
Pages: 48
Language: English