Rukmini and the Turning of Time: The Dawn of an Era (Paperback)

Rukmini and the Turning of Time: The Dawn of an Era By Dena Merriam Cover Image
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Rukmini and the Turning of Time is told through the voice of a dancer in ancient Dwarka, a city on the western coast of India. But even though this book recounts events in her life and follows her through three incarnations, this story is not truly about her but about Rukmini--the one who was working behind the scenes as Rukmini and Shri Krishna set the framework for the era that was beginning to unfold.

This deeply insightful and enlightening work shows how Rukmini Mata enabled those around her to fulfill samskaras from past births--the karma one has accrued in the cycle of life, death, and rebirth--bringing closure to unfinished relationships and desires. It includes many stories told by women to other women, recounted by those living in Dwarka in close association with Rukmini, in the hope of showing how an incarnation of the Universal Mother comes to guide an evolving humanity.

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ISBN: 9781513690643
ISBN-10: 1513690647
Publisher: Sitaram Press
Publication Date: February 25th, 2022
Pages: 576
Language: English