Career as a Court Reporter (Paperback)

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ONE WAY WE LEARN IS BY THE lessons taught to us by our ancestors. The first lessons were taught by example, elders taking children out into the world and teaching by showing and doing. Later, people used verbal communication to impart lessons about how the world works and how people should behave, and pass on other stories to their young. The advancement of human learning is dependent on starting out where the last thinker left off and adding to the store of human knowledge. This is also exactly how the legal system works. When there is a question of law, judges and attorneys look to previous legal decisions to interpret new situations. They search for and study the cases which have been decided in the past. The case law that appears in legal resource books is derived largely from the court reporter's record of the event. Court reporters create the base copy for textbooks every time they sit down at work. In the event a case is being reviewed, for example, if a person who has been convicted of a crime wants to mount an appeal of the case, the court reporter's record of the previous court proceedings is one of the first things that will be requested in researching the new case. Court reporters create and are the custodians of the living record of the law in action. They are very important to the proper functioning and integrity of the legal system. This new Careers Ebook contains a wealth of unbiased information about an occupational field, based on the latest national surveys. Careers Ebooks cover attractive and unattractive sides, opportunities, education necessary, personal qualifications required, earnings, descriptions of different job specialties, first person accounts by those in the field, and how to get started; including practical advice on what to do now. There are live links to schools and colleges, associations, periodicals and other sources of reliable information.

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