Edubabble: A Glossary of Teacher Talk (Paperback)

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"Nobody would believe this stuff ." This staff room refrain was usually in response to the verbiage or antics of children or teens, the nonsensical decisions of those in the education bureaucracy (including myself), or the fatuous comments that emanate from education professors or politicians trumpeting the need for change in public education. From Latin to Robotics, Politicians to Principals and Hot Dogs to Nourishment; from Football to Dances and Psychobabble to Counselors, the jargon that makes teaching such a special profession, and the shenanigans that make school such a unique workplace, are highlighted and lampooned.

Edubabble - This form of educator communication involves the ridiculously fluffy words and silly sloganeering intended to obfuscate issues and confuse non-educators. Colleague reaction to edubabble is antithetical. Some teachers roll exasperated eyes and snort derisively while others nod deferentially to those proficient in its use; see Curriculum Coordinators, Expert, Inquiry-Based Learning, Leading Edge, Quest for Excellence, Robust, Visionary, Yappers (2).

Teacher - This complex position requires the skills of a social worker, police officer, counselor, referee, warden, mother, father, professor, nurse, psychologist, recreation director, and babysitter. When not performing these tasks, the teacher is free to teach; see Altruism, Umpire, Undaunted, Volunteer Labor....

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