Hat Full of Dreams: A Book of Prose and Poems (Paperback)

Hat Full of Dreams: A Book of Prose and Poems By H. B. Schulz Cover Image
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This book is a collection of dreams and poems for the loss of an artist lost to us all too soon. All funds will go to a charity to fund Art For Debs Kids 501c. My friend volunteered as the teacher for primary age children and I seek to continue her dream that all children need art to be both tactile and teaching them the value of a leaf on the ground paper chains and so on. I can't live in a world without art and no child should be left with out the choice to finger paint or make paper houses with windows colored by tissue paper. All the world needs a little help now and then and we care about children having Art. Poetry and quiet left me at age seventeen when I left home to serve our country seeking to prove something I never could to someone who never cared. I have forty some years later once again found a quiet spirit who while scarred and broken never the less find great joy in awakening the young happy lad whom I once knew so well. Some have described me as a giant bear, others as a Marmaduke I guess they both live inside me seeking the murmur of a creek the touch of a tiny fern moss covered stones amid trees tall as buildings and so we go...............

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ISBN: 9781532092466
ISBN-10: 1532092466
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: January 15th, 2020
Pages: 66
Language: English